Anchorage in Prestressed Concrete

Anchorage as the name signifies is a component of post tensioning system which is used to anchor the tendons into the concrete while terminating or joining two tendons. Main function of anchorage is to transfer the stressing force to the concrete once the stressing process is completed.


It is one of the most important 5 components of post tensioning systems. Anchorage is an inevitable part of prestressing system. Efficiency of anchorages affects the service life of a prestressed structure.


Important components of Anchorage are Anchor plate or anchor head, Removable grouting cap, Iron Block/force transfer unit, Bursting reinforcement, Deviation cone and duct coupler. The prestressing force is applied to the strands and locked in place by the wedges in the anchor head which is supported on the force transfer unit cast into the concrete.


The force transfer unit ensures the transmission of the prestressing force into the concrete. The force transfer unit and the deviation cone ensure the correct deviation of the strands from the anchor head to the duct.

Post time: May-21-2018