Ningbo Rotie System will surpport to civil engineering in post tensioning all over the world.


Ningbo Rotie Systems is specialized in prestressing and post tensioning systems supporting construction, civil enginering and mining industry globally.  We provide components, and complementary series products. We also manufacture OEM products according to our customers’s requirements.

Our company also manufacture post tensioning materials over 10 years in China, we have good experience and technology to control the quality of these products and cost saving.and leading suppliers of pre and post tensioning systems to customers worldwide.

Our pre and post tensioning systems and products are manufactured in China.  Our systems and processes are certified to the ISO9001 quality standard, and we also certify according to regional requirements engineering our systems to different local markets.

Our products include:
Wedge Blocks
Staple gun
staple gun pins
Stressing Pumps
Stressing Jacks
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Post time: Mar-10-2020