“The first 100-ton ductile iron spent fuel container casting” was successfully developed

Recently, with the strong support of the National Defense Science and Industry Administration and China National Nuclear Corporation, the National Defense Science and Industry Administration’s nuclear energy development “Development of Nodular Cast Iron Spent Fuel Transport Containers” research project led by China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. completed the first 100-ton container barrel. Casting of bulk ductile iron castings.
The successful completion of the casting of this casting laid the foundation for the next step of container prototype manufacturing and the completion of the entire project, and opened up a new way for the serialization and industrialization of the “Dragon Boat” container of China National Nuclear Corporation.
The nodular cast iron spent fuel transportation container is a new member of China National Nuclear Corporation’s “Dragon Boat” series of radioactive container.
One of the research contents of this scientific research project is to form a set of manufacturing technology with my country’s independent intellectual property rights suitable for the production of large-scale ductile iron spent fuel container castings, realize the localized manufacturing of castings, carry out systematic experimental research and production verification, and finally develop the weight Large-scale ductile iron spent fuel container castings over 100 tons. Casting is the key path for the successful development of the container in this project and a prerequisite for the subsequent assembly and manufacturing of the container prototype.

Post time: Sep-06-2020